NEPAD / APRM National Governing Council (NGC) 

Functions of the Reorganized NEPAD / APRM Kenya Secretariat

  1. Promote Kenya's effective participation in the activities of the New Partnership for African Development (NEPAD) and the domestication of the African Union (AU) Mission, Core Principles and Values.
  2. Provide leadership, guidance and direction to the implementation of the Africa Peer Review Mechanism (APRM) in Kenya.
  3. Sustain the integrity of the APRM process, keeping it transparent, inclusive and accountable to the citizens of Kenya.
  4. Transmit the APRM review/progress reports to the APR Panel of Eminent Persons, the Head of State, and any other relevant national and African Union organs as specified by the APRM rules.
  5. Monitor and report on the progress in the implementation of the APRM National Programme of Action.
  6. Provide policy guidance in cascading the APRM as a governance tool to the Counties.
  7. Serve as the Regional NEPAD/APRM co-ordinator for the Eastern African countries as selected.
  8. Co-ordination of NEPAD activities in the Eastern African Region; and liaison with the Continental NEPAD secretariat office with a view of incorporating and promoting Kenya's and Eastern African region interests in NEPAD.
  9. Design, develop and implement necessary measures to identify and address governance issues affecting Kenya's performance in national, regional and global governance surveys and indices.
  10. Provide guidance for structured engagement with local and international agencies undertaking and disseminating reviews on Kenya's governance to ensure accuracy of facts and fidelity to best-practices on objective reporting.

Members of the National Governing Council:

  1. Prof. Michael Chege - Chair
  2. Mr. Michael Kisilu - Member
  3. Glenns Etyang - Member
  4. Ms. Jennifer Shamala - Member
  5. Mr. Antony Muriu - Member
  6. Mr. Joshua Opiyo - Member
  7. Mr. Samuel Mwale - Member
  8. Dr. Monica Kerretts - Member

Some of the Success by the NGC:

    • Conducting County Forums for the APRM
    • Conducting of the 2nd APRM Country Review of Kenya