National Governing Council (NGC) 

Functions of the NGC:

  1. Provide leadership, guidance and direction to Kenya's APRM, including creating awareness and sensitization of the Kenyan public;
  2. Sustaining the integrity of the APRM process, keeping it transparent, inclusive and accountable to the citizens of Kenya;
  3. Review APRM Progress Reports generated by the Technical Research Institutions and provide recoomendations on such reports;
  4. Ensure successful harmonization of the technical and thematic reports into single National APRM Review/Progress Reports that reflect the views of Kenyans;
  5. Transmit the APRM Review/Progress Reports to the APR Panel of Eminent Persons, the Head of State and the Prime Minister, and any other relevant national and African Union organs as specified by the African Peer Review Mechanism rules;
  6. Monitor and report on the progress in the implementation of the APRM National Programme of Action by the Government, the Private sector, the civil society and development partners;
  7. Monitor and evaluate the progress on the implementation of the National reform agenda, particularly the issues agreed upon under Agenda 4 of the Kenya National Dialogue and Reconciliation Committee and the Political Pillar of Vision 2030 among others for inclusion in the APRM reporting systems.

Some of the Success by the NGC:

  • Conducting of Provincial Forums, County Forums within the country
  • Engaging focal points at the Ministry on the APRM process